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Michael Baker

Organizing the look of Vault

Vault OrgLookFig1
Vault OrgLookFig2
Vault OrgLookFig3
Vault OrgLook Fig4
Vault OrgLook Fig5
Vault OrgLookFig6
Vault OrgLookFig7
Vault OrgLookFig8
Vault OrgLookFig9
Vault OrgLookFig10
Recently, I presented a short webcast on working with Vault from a daily operations point of view. Many items were reviewed during the webcast. One of those was the ability to apply fitters to the “ Main Pane ” view of the Vault, providing an easy way to organize the display of your files. Let’s get started setting up how you want your “ Main Pane ” to appear, just for you. The figure below repres...
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Michael Baker

Vault Tip: Cleaning Up Your Vault Client Login

Vault Login
Login Vault Client
Working with the file “LoginHistory.xml” users can remove Vaults no longer available from the client login choice dropdown list. The LoginHistory.xml file can be found in the following system folder running on the Win 8.1 system platform. C:\Users\ . \AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\VaultCommon Shown below is a LoginHistory.xml file with several non-active Vault databases. See below:      ...
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Michael Baker

Administration Tips for Vault Users

vault login
Vault Admin Console
Vault Backup Panel
There's no question that working with Vault requires a little planning, but with proper management, you can avoid minor headaches in maintaining your Vault. Here are a couple administration tips for Vault Users that could help prevent some simple hiccups. User Account Management: Management of Autodesk Vault users is a highly important function of an effective Vault implementation. User names and ...
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Michael Baker

Vault Tips - Habits to Break with Vault

As I work with clients just beginning with Autodesk Vault, I always see habits from previous file management creep into a vault-managed work environment. I thought it would be a good idea to review three habits to break with Vault in place. 1) Using "Save As": This is a horrible habit, and for many, it is a hard one to break; it’s like smoking, you must go through withdrawals for months. Many will...
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Michael Baker

Vault Tips - Checking the Autodesk Vault File Category Filter

Inventor drawing rule
Inventor vault property panel
Inventor dwg provider
Inventor vault category
During an Autodesk Vault fine tuning process, I discovered a slight change in the Vault category filter check. In your rule panel, you may have set a rule that checks to see if an Inventor drawing is using the .dwg extension, something like below (Note, I discovered the issue with Vault 2016, it could have been in Vault 2015 as well.) : If you have a file matching the condition above, and you chec...
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Michael Baker

Vault Tips - Packing Your Inventor Project for Customer Delivery from Vault

vault folders1
packandgo results1
vault collected objects1
vault pack and go folder2
vault label1
vault tools1
pack and go label1
pack and go document1
other stuff1
One of our clients had a requirement to transmit a completed engineering project, all the data associated to the project, to the paying client, this led to a conversation about Pack & GO. The makeup of the folder definitions in the Vault are very well defined for both models, and related supporting documentation. Meaning, the clients project folder had sub folders containing material not linke...
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