Autodesk Ecotect Analysis Sustainable Building Design Software

Ecotect-AnalysisAutodesk Ecotect® Analysis software is a sustainable design analysis solution that supports BIM (Building Information Modelling) design to build methodologies throughout the entire construction project.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is widely acknowledged to encourage and reward an integrated design approach not only in traditional construction projects but also in sustainable building design where Autodesk Ecotect® Analysis comes into its own.

Reducing carbon footprints is an excellent goal but sustainable building design goes beyond simply using sustainable materials, and today's cutting edge projects tend to combine visually appealing design and construction projects together aggressive building performance targets.

Sustainable building design has gone beyond the zero-energy goal and leading exponents of sustainable construction design have now focused their sights firmly on positive energy buildings, so integration with BIM software such as AutoCAD® Revit® Architecture, AutoCAD® Revit® MEP and Revit® Structure is of paramount importance.

Autodesk Ecotect® Analysis delivers "whole building" energy and carbon emissions calculations coupled with thermal building performance, solar radiation, daylight calculations and even global reflections and shadow information.

Autodesk Subscription users also benefit from access to Autodesk® Green Building Studio® to further refine and optimize building performance with design alternatives, detailed weather analysis and also tools to explore the potential of natural ventilation alongside mechanical cooling systems.

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