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Janet Black

Ideal settings to have for the Model Browser in Advance Steel 2018

Advance Steel 2018 Tool Palette.jpg
Advance Steel 2018 Model Browsing.jpg
Advance Steel 2018 ideal settings for model browser.jpg
Advance Steel 2018 ideal settings for model browser results.jpg

Advance Steel 2018 Ideal browser settings helps you identify if elements in the structure have a model role and numbered etc. If you have created drawings it even lets you locate the drawing number the element is detailed on. You have the option to view, check and efficiently change certain aspects of multiple elements quickly and efficiently by selecting the Edit properties box. Access the Model ...
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Sophia Li

Setting up Separate Profiles for Advance Steel and AutoCAD

AutoCAD template location
AutoCAD Options
AutoCAD Properties
Advance Steel Properties
If you use both Advance Steel and vanilla AutoCAD (or any other AutoCAD-based vertical), you may have run into an issue where AutoCAD looks towards the Advance Steel template location after being in Advance Steel. Even when you re-path to the AutoCAD template location, it always seems to point back to the Advance Steel template location the next time you run AutoCAD. In order to be able to properl...
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John Bennett

Analyze your Advance Steel models with A360 Viewer

A360 is the best way to manage and share your Autodesk software. It is a cloud system that enables your company to store projects centrally, so that the whole team can access and update them. You can get involved by creating your free account now . One of A360’s brilliant features is A360 Viewer, which is the perfect place to keep your Advance Steel models. However, the sheer breadth of features c...
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Grant Dott

Autodesk Advance Steel Workflows for BIM 360

Bringing Autodesk Advance Steel into a BIM 360 workflow is very achievable but like many collaboration challenges, the secret sauce is in the process and understanding the process makes the challenge a lot more palatable. If you have ever purchased a product online, you may be familiar with how you can track the product’s delivery. Every time the product reaches a milestone in the delivery process...
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