BIM For Infrastructure

BIM for infrastructure on the face of it may seem like a strange concept given that BIM originally seemed to be exclusive to vertical building projects and manufacturing for the building products supply chain in its initial guise.
BIM-For-Infrastructure-ImageBut with a growing number of first class Autodesk 3D infrastructure software solutions and a forecasted exponential growth of BIM in the horizontal construction industry it is important for organisations to be BIM aware and invest in the appropriate BIM technology and knowledge as the approach gains precedence in the Civil Infrastructure arena.
The use of powerful BIM for Infrastructure tools even at the conceptual design stage allows infrastructure designers to map out a variety of schemes from the outset in order to maximize land usage and at the same time minimize environmental impact across the range of Civil Engineering disciplines, including Road, Rail, Utilities and GIS.

The Autodesk Infrastructure toolset also enables planners to quickly recognize construction areas that could throw up difficult engineering challenges allowing them to work through different solutions to minimize risk and also minimize potential infrastructure project costs.
Collaboration with BIM is greatly enhanced allowing infrastructure companies to present initial stage design ideas to stakeholders and planners so they can visually ascertain the impact of potential infrastructure projects.

There is certainly a major advantage of being BIM ready going forward in the infrastructure sector as it could be a contributing factor for deciding who a contract is given to when tenders are awarded so the more collaborative and forward thinking infrastructure contractors can be the more likely they are to win the project.

By investing in BIM for Infrastructure civil engineering businesses will be able to increase the efficiency and profitability within the company as well as being more competitive in the marketplace, and with government deadlines for capital projects to be completed using BIM methodologies fast approaching, business that are BIM ready will no doubt be the first call for supply.

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Further information about BIM can be found in the Graitec BIM White Paper which describes the emergence of UK marketplace and elsewhere, as well as referencing key Government documentation and other useful articles.
Alternatively you could visit our BIM resources page for a wide range of further BIM resources pertinent to BIM for infrastructure and BIM in general.

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