Part Marks Not Matching Drawing Number in Advance Steel


You are using the "With Drawing Number" numbering method, but you see that some part marks do not match the drawing number of your single part drawing. This could have happened after you moved details to another sheet to consolidate.


To correct this issue, you will need to delete the SP marks for the parts needing correcting, renumber those parts, and then update the drawing.

If you have a lot of these parts, it is best to find/select them in the Model Browser (found under the Project Explorer dropdown in the Home tab) and use the "Add selected objects to marking" tool in the Advance Steel tool palette to mark them (marked in red below).



Next, make sure that the "Toggle Switch Display SP/MP" is set to single parts (marked in red below). You can see what the toggle is set to by looking at the icon (gray I beam with orange plates) or the command line (should say "_AstM5EqualPartsSwitchSingle"). Once the toggle is set to single parts, use the "Select Marked Objects tool to select all of marked parts (marked in blue above). After that, select the Delete Part Numbers command (marked in blue below). You will get a prompt asking if you want to proceed to delete single part marks- hit Yes.



Once the part marks are deleted, use the Select Marked Objects tools again to select the parts, and then run the Numbering tool. This will give them the #internal marks again. Once the parts are renumbered, go to the Document Manager and do a Force Update on the drawing that the newly-renumbered parts are on. The part marks of these parts should now match the drawing number.

Please note that if you are having this issue with MP marks, it is the same procedure except you will need to set the Toggle Switch Display SP/MP to main parts (icon will be all gray beam with plates, and command line returns "_AstM5EqualPartsSwitchMain"

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