Autodesk® Buzzsaw® Project Data Management Software


Autodesk® Buzzsaw® software is supplied as software as a service and enables all parties involved in construction and engineering projects to effectively manage essential project information in a timely manner anywhere around the world.

Autodesk® Buzzsaw® provides a secure central portal where project data, models and documentation can be readily but securely accessed over the web by key project members and contractors 24 hours per day.

As a powerful element of Autodesk's BIM (building Information Modelling) toolset Autodesk® Buzzsaw® supports a number of key document & data management protocols including file locking, version control for management of project changes and also audit trails and activity tracking so project managers have visibility of access to documentation.

In addition Buzzsaw® allows synchronization of local files where applicable to ensure the latest information is accessible as soon as it is available for release, and Buzzsaw's notifications features ensures that design changes or document changes are quickly and effectively communicated so they can be promptly acted upon enabling design reviews to take place at the earliest opportunity.

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