Advance BIM Designers - Concrete Series - Rebar Detailing & Design Software for Revit

BIMDesigners21 Badge noyear 256BIM workflows continue to evolve and impact various construction sectors and Graitec’s latest Structural engineering software technology in the form of 3D Revit rebar detailing software and rebar design software are already disrupting traditional 2D concrete design and detailing workflows.

Stakeholders and contractors are demanding greater efficiencies and accuracy whilst seeking to minimise the costs and extended project times involved with rebar clashes and subsequent re-design amongst other reinforced concrete design challenges.

Graitec Advance BIM Designers – Concrete Series delivers a comprehensive and specialised toolset of rebar detailing and design software for Autodesk Revit. These specialist tools have been developed specifically to address, automate complex tasks and improve the productivity and accuracy of companies needing to perform concrete design and detailing in a 3D BIM environment.

The Advance Bim Designers Concrete series has been split into two separate packages to accommodate the needs of users:

Rebar Detailing Software for Revit

The Rebar detailing package is a very affordable solution for users only requiring detailing functionality for example:

  • Parametric 3D rebar cage generation
  • Automated generation of rebar views
  • Automated generation of 2D rebar details and lists
  • Specialist tools for editing rebar and adding bending schedules
  • And more…

The Rebar detailing package is fully customisable using Autodesk Revit templates.

Rebar Design & Detailing Software for Revit

The Design & Detailing package extends all the functionality of the detailing package but with the addition of powerful structural design analysis software functionality allowing the design of rebar cages according to defined Eurocodes and North American codes.

In addition it allows you to define groups of elements to design and produce 3D rebar cages on a group in one click as well as producing detailed reports and graphical results.

Reinforced Concrete Beams

Design and draw reinforced concrete beams. Define geometry, loads, general assumptions and get the deflections, stress and strain curves as well as reinforcement drawings in a simple click. Drawings are fully interactive and a user warning system will ensure compliance with standards.

Reinforced Concrete Footings

Pres-ize and design isolated and strip footings. Perform the bearing capacity on a multi-layer soil, calculate the settlements and produce the reinforcement drawings.

Reinforced Concrete Columns

3D cage modeling and automated documentation production for reinforced concrete columns. Columns can be designed to get the required reinforcement or checked with an imposed reinforcement. Bending around axes is checked and interaction curves are produced. Design data, results, drawings and diagrams can easily be post processed and generate in a calculation note.

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Video Overview

Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers for Revit min

The power of GRAITEC Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers for Revit

 Automating rebar documentation min

 Automating rebar documentation (Design reports and Drawings) in Revit with the Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers

Recalculating rebar for beams

Recalculating rebar for beams with openings with Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers

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