Steel Production Document Management and CE Marking Control

If you have found yourself swimming in paperwork since the introduction of CE Marking EN1090 regulations, then you are not the only one. Steel production document management with traceability is becoming critical with the advent of CE marking and electronic filing requirement.

Fabrication Production Control

As a temporary workaround to implementing a Fabrication Production Control System (FPC) many companies have been forced to implement manual processes to manage project paperwork and documents for compliancy, however these manual processes tend to be time consuming and unproductive and are very difficult to maintain effectively.

Steel Production Management

barcode steel document managementGraitec’s Advance Workshop steel production management capabilities can replace these manual systems and run as a full FPC system so you can adhere to the regulations and maintain a consistent workflow throughout your procurement and production departments, while improving your record keeping and communications throughout your company.

Document Management and CE Marking Document Control

CE marking control and document managementInstead of putting project documents in manual files requiring physical storage in case you need the information in the future or have an audit, you can create and save documents electronically and associate them with the project inside Advance Workshop. Documents can be associated either at project, phase, assembly or component level, or with associated purchase or sales orders in the case of stock management.

Advance Workshops steel production management software is compatible with all current 3D Steel detailing software including Autodesk Advance Steel, Aveva BOCAD, Bentley ProSteel3D, SDS/2, StruCAD, TechoMetal ,Tekla Structure etc.

In addition Graitec Advance Workshop can import NC, BOM or Excel data or even link directly to your ERP system where in place. Welding control certificates can be stored and even automatically generated if importing projects from Autodesk Advance Steel, further streamlining the CE Marking workflow.

steel production document managementEasy Search and Find Capability

Using an easy to understand search tool, Advance Workshop can then act as the central portal to quickly access and view any documents or data you need to review, resulting in major time savings for both employees looking for the information or auditors checking the information is being recorded and is compliant.

Advance Workshops production document management capabilities include:

•    BIM Interoperability
•    Support for multiple file formats
•    Creation parts on the fly from libraries
•    Simplification of document management and traceability
•    View 2D and 3D data
•    Apply advance weld preparations
•    and so much more.....

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