Steel CNC Machine Integration with Graitec Advance Workshop

If your company has invested in automatic machines for your workshop, such as beamlines, coping robots, plate cutters or automated drills, you will know how important it is that they are effectively utilised in order to get the most out of them and provide a good ROI, so the importance of tight CNC machine integration may already be on your radar.

Graitec Advance Workshop Steel Production Management Information System can be fully integrated with all of the major CNC machines on the market, for both beams or plates, allowing you to take control of your production from the office and effectively plan and automate many of the required processes.

Graitec Advance Workshop CNC integration

Whenever a CNC machine is sat idle, either while waiting for work to be sent to it, or while the parts are being programmed or nested manually by the operator, this non-operational time is a huge waste of productivity and potentially a very big bottleneck for your operations.

When integrated with Advance Workshop, there is a lot less chance of this happening as these processes are automated, which leaves the production planner able to Focus on steel production planning and manage capacity issues and the machine operator free to concentrate on loading material and keeping the machine running.

Advanced Machine Functions using DSTV Files

Many machines can be programmed semi automatically using DSTV files from Industry CAD & BIM software. But these are not always available, are prone to contain errors, only work for single parts and they are only effective for very simple processes such as cutting and drilling.

To get the most out of the more advanced machine functions such as running nested bars \ plates, sensing, scribing, probing, blind drilling or coping, Advance Workshop can be used to automatically create machine code designed specifically for your machines

Machine Feedback with Steel Production Reporting

One more benefit in integrating your machine is that all of the data on the machine console can be utilised for steel production reporting back to Advance Workshop and viewed in a number of graphics and reports. As well as giving you a real time view of your production status, this allows you to visualise how productive it is, what it has spent most of its time doing, and even compare shift to shift productivity.

To find out more about CNC Machine integration or to discuss the capabilities of Graitec Advance Workshop, click on the link below and a specialist will give you a call.

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