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Steel production planning software is designed to take away the headaches that many businesses have when trying to initially understand how much work is needed to complete a structural steel or architectural metalwork project, and how much it will cost the business before the project is taken on?

Steel Production Planning Challenges

Steel production planning software imageIn many organisations even an experienced production manager can spend many hours every week manually going through paper drawings and trying to estimate what people, processes & machinery are needed to complete the job in house. In addition, typically the business may need visibility of what aspects of the project may need to be outsourced if internal capacity is liable to be exceeded?

Production planning mistakes and delays cost time and money, and without having full visibility or understanding of current capacity, how long production jobs will take and which shop floor resources are needed, it is almost impossible to understand where the bottle necks are and what the business can do to become more efficient, productive and minimise project cost to achieve improved profit margins.

Graitec Advance Workshop Steel Production Planning Module

Steel post production analysisGraitec Advance Workshop steel production planning software module has all the features businesses need to effectively estimate and automate your production planning activities, so instead of relying on paper drawings, reports and guesswork, implementing the system will allow the company to automate a lot of your critical processes such as routing, capacity planning and part checking.

BIM Integration

a pre-requisite for modern Steel Production Management Information Systems capability is capability to work with project information that can be quickly imported from leading BIM & CAD systems such as Autodesk Advance Steel or any system capable of creating DSTV files, or alternatively even quickly designed from scratch down to a process level using the inbuilt parametric steel part designer.

steel production planning interoperability

The project is then listed out in a very easy to understand way, outlining all the essential part and project information and even showing a simple 2D\3D image of the parts and made up assemblies.

Steel Production Routing

steel production routingGraitec Advance Workshops virtual steel workshop routing system is another productivity tool designed to help you plan all aspects of your production routing.

All it takes is a click of the button and the project is checked and allocated an optimal route through your workshop. An estimated time for each required workstation is calculated, and any parts containing processes you won’t do in house are flagged up listed and ready to be sent to your suppliers.


Steel Planning Module

steel production routing interfaceThe project is then listed in the Gantt chart production planning tool, so you can manage your capacity alongside your other active projects, and make sure the work is completed by key times and dates.

To find out more about our Steel Production Planning software module or to discuss the capabilities of Graitec Advance Workshop, click on the link below and a specialist will give you a call.

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