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Advance Design Virtual Booth and Webinar Series

  • Get all the information about our FEM analysis solution for structural engineers operating in a BIM environment | When visiting our virtual booth, you will find links to videos, presentations, flyers, success stories and more [ Visit our online booth ]
  • NEW- Tuesday, Apr 27, 2021 2:00 PM EDT | Climatic load generator in Graitec Advance Design| In this session we will present how you can in Graitec Advance Design use the workflow and process to generate loads depending on the structural assumptions and climatic parameters (for example lattice structure or building) in a faster and easier way. Graitec Advance Design can automatically generate wind and snow loads on structures having different dimensions and roof slopes based on US and Canadian codes. [ Click here to register]
  • On demand| Introduction to Bridge Design and Analysis with Advance Design America | In this introduction webinar organized with CSCE's Toronto Section discover Bridge Design and Analysis with Graitec's very own Advance Design America software. [ Click here to view on demand ]
  • On demand | Advance Design - Dynamic analysis  Webinar | Advance Design includes two features for dynamic analysis: the Ritz method to calculate the engine modes in a much faster way, with the ability of automatically ignoring local modes for the global analysis. Discover also the possibility to predict building behavior on a given location based on ground motion intensities and study the mechanical response to a user-defined earthquake event! [ Click here to view on demand ]
  • On Demand | Wind on open structures in Advance Design | Register for this on demand webinar as we demonstrate Advance Design's powerful functionality [ Click here to view on demand ]  


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