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Latest News From Graitec USA, Inc.

Please check back from time to time to ensure you keep up to date on what's happening in and around Graitec USA, Inc. and the Graitec group.

Graitec announces Advance Design Award Winners

October 2021 – GRAITEC, an international software developer for AEC, is delighted to announce that the Advance Design Award Winner’s Ceremony was a complete success and recordings of the event may still be viewed online in either the summarized 1 minute video or the full event video. During the live event, broadcasted from a studio in Prague (Czech Republic), we announced the 5 winners of the Graitec Advance Design Award. An international jury first selected the best 12 designs projects, out of 50+ contenders, and then picked the winners! The list of winners is as follows:


  • Ali khachfe & Mickael Fahd - Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering


  • Davide Zampieri - ZDStrutture - Italy


  • 3rd Place: Tomasz Kochański - TK Budownictwo - Poland
  • 2nd Place: Yassine Talmi & Olivier Ruhlmann - OTEIS - France
  • 1st Place: Christophe Faurie - VINCI - France

Key statistics about the Graitec Advance Design Award Ceremony

  • Number of projects submitted: +50
  • Number of countries participating in the Advance Design Award: 12
  • Number of Jury Members: 8
  • Number of live broadcast viewers: + 700

Francis Guillemard, GRAITEC founder and chairman of the Jury comments: “When I founded GRAITEC, I never imagined it would go this far! That engineers from all over the world would send in great projects, created with our software - Advance Design. The quality and sophistication of the submitted projects exceeded my expectations. The Jury had a tough time choosing the winners! I would like to thank all of the Advance Design Award participants for their projects and commitment, and my fellow Jury members for a very interesting deliberation. See you next year!”


Founded in 1986, GRAITEC is an international group helping construction and manufacturing professionals successfully achieve their digital transformation by providing BIM and Industry 4.0 software and consultancy. Graitec is a developer of high-performance BIM applications as well as an Autodesk Platinum Partner in Europe and Gold Autodesk Partner in North America and Russia. Operating throughout 48 offices across 13 countries worldwide, GRAITEC offers its clients an extensive range of established software solutions combined with the full portfolio of Autodesk products and BIM suites which help address the most demanding projects needs and maximize productivity, efficiency, and performance. With more than 650 employees amongst which there are 200 BIM consultants, GRAITEC is an innovation focused company whose products are used by more than 100,000 construction professionals worldwide.

For more information, please visit

For further information about Graitec Advance Design Awards, please contact:

Łukasz Jędrzejewski
GRAITEC Innovation
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


GRAITEC Group and BIMcollab enter multinational partnership for United States and Canada

On June 18, 2021, Graitec Group became part of the BIMcollab global partner network. As a result, GRAITEC is now representing BIMcollab Cloud and BIMcollab ZOOM in the United States and Canada, being the first 'multinational' partner. In addition to contributing to BIMcollab's global expansion, this new partnership will greatly benefit GRAITEC customers as the company is adding a new solution to common everyday BIM collaboration issues, coupled with access to local expertise.

Hugo Michaud, managing director GRAITEC North America states: "We are very impressed with BIMcollab solutions and believe that they will add great value to our current BIMup software offering. We found in BIMcollab a set of easy-to-use tools that will provide customers one true source of truth when it comes to project coordination and clash detections, independently of the tools each stake holder uses internally to model and manage."

BIMcollab: Better models in less time

BIMcollab is gaining popularity all across the globe with over 150,000 users of the cloud solution for issue management and BIMcollab ZOOM for model checking. The integrated approach to model validation and issue management has led to innovative features such as Smart Issue, cutting down the time spend on Clash management in many BIM projects. Where BIMcollab slutions help design teams worldwide create better models in less time, GRAITEC will continue helping BIM professionals take that next step and start their professional issue management journey.

Graitec fills the need for local expertise

With a rapidly growing number of companies worldwide adopting the BIMcollab products, the need for local expertise raises. Through dozens of partnerships, BIMcollab enables high quality services to customers in a growing number of regions in the world. No longer restricted by languages or time zones.  

"We are excited to welcome GRAITEC Group as a BIMcollab partner and are looking forward to this collaboration, reaching more customers globally with local expertise." said Erik Pijnenburg, CEO of BIMcollab. 

Graitec Helps with AEC companies with digital transformation

GRAITEC is an international group, helping construction and manufacturing professionals successfully achieve their digital transformation by providing BIM and Industry 4.0 software and consultancy. Founded in 1986 and, GRAITEC is a market-leading multinational company, providing customers with the right tools and training to successfully complete their BIM projects,. With 50 offices across 13 countries worldwide, the company has on staff 200+ BIM consultants with industry experience in AEC and BIM for Manufacturing.

Graitec releases version 2022.1 of Advance Design Structural Analysis Solution

October 11, 2021 - GRAITEC an International software developer for AEC, is delighted to announce the release of update 2022.1of their Advance Design, structural analysis solution.

Key new features and improvements in Graitec Advance Design 2022.1
Graitec's Advance Design 2022.1 update is enhanced with new functionalities and improvements which provide high benefits for end-users in terms of improving the quality and convenience of daily work.

Among many improvements and new features, the company highlights these:

  • Possibility to automatically split rebars in reinforced concrete slabs: allows automatic splitting of the generated rebars so that they do not exceed the maximum length.
  • New material database for Canadian timber: allows modeling of structures with timber elements compliant with the Canadian standard.
  • Improved performance of chain optimization for steel design: Improvement on calculation of iterations to have less analysis and provide the results faster.
  • Improvements to the combination definition window: The window used to define and manage load combinations has been updated.
  • RC Slab – A set of improvements to the user interface: New views, new tooltip on the Reinforcement Diagrams, new tooltip on the Strips tab added.
  • RC Column – New type of bar mark on drawings: Improvement for reinforced concrete column drawings in order to have clear presentation of transverse bar marks on elevations.

Note: For a detailed list of new features, changes, and enhancements, as well as a description of selected fixes, see the What's New in Advance Design 2022.1 document by clicking the read more button. 

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Graitec releases version 2022 of Advance Design

June 2021 - GRAITEC an International software developer for AEC, is delighted to announce that Advance Design 2022 has been released. Based on the needs and requests of the ever-growing communities that have gathered around each software developed by Graitec, we have developed exciting new features to enhance all your structural projects.

Advance design

Advance Design 2022, the leading structural analysis software, is enhanced with lots of new functionalities with high benefits for the end-user, and is articulated around several main subjects:

  • Crane moving loads automatic generation considering single or multiple cranes. 
  • Extended FEM capabilities with a new Link on node, performance point calculation for pushover analysis according to EN1998 and ATC40.
  • Cold Formed Sections design according to the EN1993-1-3 and EN1993-1-5 with detailed reports.
  • Reinforced Concrete Slabs design module, including the strip design method and generating automatic 3D rebar distributions and reinforcement drawings.
  • New synchronization mechanism to streamline your BIM workflows with Autodesk platforms (Revit and Advance Steel).
  • Dozens of miscellaneous features considering our user’s requests worldwide to improve efficiency on daily use.

Connect to the Advance Design website and follow us on LinkedIn to know more about this new release! 

The Advance Design 2022 release can be downloaded from here 

Joseph PAIS, Graitec Product Director comments: “For over 30 years, GRAITEC has continuously strived to provide user-centric innovative solutions to its valued customers and this new Advance Design 2022 release is no exception with major improvements for all structural engineers whatever the projects they are doing: crane moving loads generation, extended pushover analysis, new module for designing and detailing RC slabs, 00’s of new features to speed up the daily use of Advance Design… We are proud of this new release proving that as always, we still are providing top-level AEC software solutions worldwide. Thank you for being part of our community and enjoy this new release 2022!”

Graitec releases version 2022 of Advance Workshop

June 2021 –GRAITEC, a truly international software developer for AEC, is delighted to announce that Advance Workshop 2022 has been released. Advance Workshop is purpose-built Fabrication Management Information System to give steel and rebar fabricators complete control over every stage of production: stock management, traceability, labour, and CNC processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs - ultimately optimizing your total business performance with Advance Workshop!

 Advance workshop

Advance Workshop 2022 comes with a key innovation: having merged our historic Advance Workshop product focussed on Steel workshop management with the Arma+ technology acquired by Graitec in July 2018. This technology was focussed on managing rebar and prefabricated concrete workshop. So Advance Workshop 2022 is now a unified product addressing steel, rebar or prefabrication workshops and factories. 

  • Top new functionalities:
  • RebarScan to automatize the input and analysis process within the same drawing interface, AutoCAD, to be able to analyse, detail and review the customer order at the same work environment.
  • FastRebar as a detailing complement to your clients.
  • New sequence schedule. The vision of internal vs. subcontracted production is given. It is possible to filter the view by period, customer, construction site...
  • Goods returns record with invoiced and consolidated deliveries. It is possible to record partial or full goods returns to create several returns par packing slip.
  • Process DSTV Steel Construction files from TEKLA models with hierarchy for import processes.
  • Assisted assignment of production machines, allows you to quickly switch your production items to other workstations while controlling the feasibility and impact on the steel workshop
  • The new BIM Manager ensures the continuity of information from the engineering office to the precast factory by exchanging IFC files to facilitate production.

Connect to the Advance Workshop  web page and follow us on LinkedIn to know more about this new release!

The release 2022 can be downloaded from here

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